We Recover From The Attic The Old Furniture And Appliances Grandmother

We Recover From The Attic The Old Furniture And Appliances Grandmother

Attics and basements can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to kitchen decor. For example, we retrieve an old belief, to redecorate and use as a pantry. Or why not, an old appliance, such as a wood stove – as we see in the draft RI-NOVO NATURAL DESIGN – or refrigerator although no longer functioning, a vote cleaned, re-painted or covered with adhesive paper will become the original no-cost furniture.

The semplicity

Simplicity is often the best choice. When you have provided a magnificent setting like this, then, what else is needed The facade as a backdrop to the garden is sensational http://www.indolexa.com, with quell’edera! The white d├ęcor, essential and sophisticated design, are perfect in combination with the green background, and lawn.

Play … the walls!


Who said that the garden should only grow horizontally This is the perfect example of a vertical garden, a great way to give dynamism and liveliness to your outdoor space, with a very natural and pleasant effect!


A garden is a living


This garden is a true masterpiece! There are many elements and you see clearly that behind all this there is a careful planning. The green is spread both horizontally and vertically, creating a very dramatic effect and impact. Then the furniture, a wonderful mix of shapes and colors that give life to a real outdoor living … spectacular!

scenic areas


This garden is incredible elegance a perfectly maintained green plants in splendid modern style vases and white flowers to create contrast … a true paradise!

Stones and flowers

The idea of ??integrating the green and the flooring is very original and certainly enlivens and makes the garden really dynamic! It is an unusual idea, which no doubt requires some changes in most, but certainly has a great visual impact!

What to do when the wall is not there …

If you do not have any blank wall that need work … why not create it Here’s an example of the wall created by the decor, perfect for having more space for objects and also to separate the spaces, create dynamism and movement!


7 ideas to expand the house on the cheap

Sometimes the house starts diventarci a bit ‘tight and you need an extension. Often this means spending a lot of money and have to do with bricklayers, cement, sand, dust and noise.

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