Uric Acid Food List Restrictions to Avoid

Many people are wondering about any food restrictions uric acid they should avoid. This is not surprising given the number of patients with joint disease is quite a lot in Indonesia. Uric acid is a disease in which uric acid content found in the blood in high levels. The disease is rarely fatal, but can cause tremendous pain to the disability.

The cause of gout is mixed. But the most common cause in Indonesia is due to heredity or genetic abnormalities which discharge levels of uric acid, which is disposed in the urine levels of fewer than normal people so that the levels of uric acid in the blood increases. A state of high uric acid could one day lead to pain or attacks uric acid in the joints.

Uric Acid Food List Restrictions to Avoid

How to Overcome Gout: Avoid Uric Acid Food Restrictions

One trigger attacks of gout is high levels of uric acid in the blood. Uric acid levels may be affected by any food we consume, especially by food taboos uric acid that contains high levels of uric acid. By avoiding the prohibition food uric acid, the expected levels of uric acid in the blood decrease and the person becomes rarely gets painful gout attack them.

In principle, how to cope with gout is to reduce uric acid prohibition food, even some kinds of foods that contain a high content of uric acid should be completely avoided and prohibition. In addition, it is also advisable for patients with gout to reduce the consumption of fatty foods, consuming moderate amounts of protein and carbohydrates consumed in a higher percentage. And it is advisable to drink water at least 2.5 liters per day.

Here is a list of taboo foods containing uric acid uric acid content is very high:

  • Meat extract

Food abstinence first uric acid is meat extract. What it extracts the meat? It is a powder that is commonly made into broth when mixed with water. Although less popular, some medical research says that meat extracts contain uric acid levels were very high and the food taboos of uric acid.

  • Innards

Included in this food group is the intestine, tripe, brains, hearts, lungs and other animal organs. Yes, the food is the number one taboo uric acid is to be avoided even really dipantang. Uric acid content contained in these foods is high due constituent cells of the organ are numerous and contribute high levels of uric acid.

  • Fish

Quiet, not all fish, including food taboos uric acid. You just need to avoid and memantang some types of fish that turned out to contain high levels of uric acid. Some types of fish that you should avoid are sardines, herring, anchovies and mackerel. Mentioned that mackerel and mackerel is one part of mackerel as well. Quite a surprise to find that these fish contain high levels of uric acid and should be avoided by patients with gout.

  • shell

Various types of shellfish can cause gout attacks due to high uric acid levels. Food taboos uric acid should be avoided for those who often experience gout attacks, because studies have shown a link between eating lots of shells by the number of gout attacks.

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