The Rustic-Modern Kitchen You Were Waiting For!

The Rustic-Modern Kitchen You Were Waiting For!

the country style lovers, this is for you! Do you like the kitchen with an antique flavor You are connoisseurs of craftsmanship, that ingredient indispensable that helps to create a quality space So, this is the kitchen of your dreams!

The furnishings were custom made by carpenters and the interior designer of FALEGNAMERIA FERRARI, who used the beautiful solid oak recovered from old beams and old dark. Let’s see the result!

Quality cuisine

It is impossible not to fall in love with this kitchen at first sight! This in itself is unique and is the perfect setting in which to place a masterpiece of craftsmanship like this. The ceiling with exposed beams is wonderful and the white paint them selection is great, given the abundance of natural wood.

The charm of wood

These doors so of matter, should all the old beams recovered. The nodes, the grain of the wood, the brown full of nuances … are all priceless items, which are only found in a job like this, to bring out the pure materials, without compromising the strong expressive value. Beautiful terracotta floors!


We recover from the attic the old furniture and appliances grandmother

Attics and basements can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to kitchen decor. For example, we retrieve an old belief, to redecorate and use as a pantry. Or why not, an old appliance, such as a wood stove – as we see in the draft RI-NOVO NATURAL DESIGN – or refrigerator although no longer functioning, a vote cleaned, re-painted or covered with adhesive paper will become the original no-cost furniture.

We focus on decorations

Sometimes just very little to create a cozy and comfortable kitchen without great expense or expensive furniture for example we could start from the decorations and the accessories, focusing on color and curtains from merry patterns, perfect not only on the windows but also as an economic alternative to ante, as we can see in this proposal.

We create a kitchen faux stone

We always dreamed of a kitchen, but we fear the costs We create a masonry futa with a painted wooden structure in resin, as we see in this example proposed by LAQUERCIA21. And we are aiming for the doors on the recovery, having fun looking in flea markets or old doors in wood and iron panels to create a fascinating industrial-style kitchen.

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