Sunglasses For Spring Summer 2015, Models Do Not Miss

Sunglasses For Spring Summer 2015, Models Do Not Miss

Sunglasses for Spring Summer 2015, patterns to be missed and the most popular trends of summer. From classic masks from the profiles over the frames explicitly retro there is plenty of choice1 Here are the must-have for feast his eyes.

They are the coolest accessory par excellence we wear them in winter to cover dark circles after a wild night, but in summer are a must have that we could never deprive us. Season coming, accessories that are renewed, and sunglasses works exactly the same way, even if we find it hard to set aside those of the previous season. Some can not absolutely do without, others collect them now, so we believe it’s time to find out what will be the spring-summer 2015 trends in sunglasses.

Large color back nothing too dark or neutral glass frames, although there are even those, but you must wear a ipercolorata frame, although apparently some shades are more popular than others. Tops the list of the most glam colors could not try to miss a summer color par excellence such as red, closely followed by orange hue and obviously from yellow; In short, the new palette certainly does not disappoint the expectations of seasonal colors.

Great success of sunglasses butterfly pattern but generally all those vaguely retro frames, such as those proposed for the summer at Chanel, Miu Miu and Dolce & Gabbana, which refer to that elegance 50s, old style Diva that great designers have brought to the fore on the catwalks.

Geometries ironic and profiles over are definitely the most popular spring trends, but do not go unnoticed contents volumes of round lenses, which remind us undoubtedly the John Lennon myth. And they could not miss the classic templates, that we women love so much, like those of Gucci and Burberry Prorsum pointing to one of the hottest colors of the season, the Marsala.

In short, there is literally something for everyone and you certainly do is choose to renew, in addition to the wardrobe, even your look.

Among its latest innovations, the brand focuses on models with basic denim but also shoulder bag and vertical shopper with lower band in neon colors like yellow or fluorescent green, quirky nuances that affect.The Pandorine collection does not disdain, however, also smaller forms and collected as the messenger Mini Jeans alternating the buckles denim

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