Watching a movie on a computer complete with subtitle is quite easy. Well, what if you want to watch a full movie with subtitles on the Android smartphone? I get this question a lot, either from friends or any of your friends’ contact . But, when I asked about it, I myself can not answer because not yet know what the ideal application to play movies complete with subtitle on the Android smartphone.

Standard video player application on Android does not support subtitles to the movie. Unless the film is complete with hardsub. Openload Movies hardsub is a movie mode which already include the subtitle directly, unlike the movie – a movie that we download from the website where subtitle must be downloaded separately. Well, because this case is that downloaded movies through its website free movie download service providers so subtitle matter can not be seen.

After browsing around – which, from one website to another website, it turns out all the answers only on one website that is Google. Google-the search engines find your website to answer your questions: p. I still had such intention, it’s just I certainly did find it through Google, ah never mind hehehe. Without a longer length let’s discuss how to watch movies on Android complete with subtitle by using the following applications.

  • The first step you should do is prepare the Android that you want to use to watch movies that separate the subtitlenya.
  • Connect your Android with the internet, either using packet data quota you or even with free hotspot, it’s up to you. The important thing I want you to first connect to the Internet which is normal without interruption yes hehehe.
  • Open the Google Play app, type in the search form said MX Player.
  • Once you find the application, please be directly downloaded do diliatin yes.
  • Upon completion of the download directly installed alone, doing the download if not installed hehehe.
  • At this stage, you will enter the setting mode of application MX Player, so you can watch a favorite movie from your Android phone complete with subtitlenya.
  • Open Playernya MX application, make sure the movie and the subtitle is already on your Android smartphone and are in one folder.
  • Open the film through MX Player app before, try playing the movie. If, subtitlenya not appeared first try deh you pause the movie, do not watch it yet subtitlenya preoccupation tuh.
  • Click the icon Quote yanga is at the top of the screen of your Android. Once you click on sunbtitle selection appears, make sure that the subtitle of the movie you’re watching, not to subtitle the film differently. Congratulations watch .

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