How to Cope With Stomach Cramps Fast and Powerful

How to cope with abdominal cramps is not too difficult because quite a few easy steps and right abdominal cramps then taste vanishes. But before we discuss how to treat these stomach cramps so it’s good if you know beforehand what is the stomach cramps and what causes so that we can prevent this disease.
How to cope with stomach cramps in women and men
Abdominal cramps is a condition where the patient will feel very great pain in her stomach clenched, rigid and knead. In the medical world itself, abdominal cramps is called the abdominal colic. Although it looks trivial but stomach cramps should still watch because sometimes stomach cramps that hit we could have something that is normal or not normal.

Stomach Cramps Causes On Normal People

1. Digestive disorder
The first cause that could cause a person to experience abdominal cramps are due to a disturbance in the digestive system caused by the infection. Additionally, sometimes abdominal cramping also indicates that the presence of malignant cancer in your stomach.
2. Inflammation
Then the next cause is due to an inflammation of the intestines and stomach. So, do not be surprised if someone who had acute stomach ulcers would be very easy to have cramps in the stomach for people who have stomach ulcers will be easily injured and inflamed.
3. Food Allergies
Food allergies can also cause your stomach cramping. So, therefore pay attention to what you eat because if one of the few very bad for the health of your body.
4. Appendix
Abdominal cramps can also indicate that you are subject to the appendix because, according to experts when the appendix is ​​blocked it can cause abdominal cramping, and even the pain can make a person unconscious.

How to Overcome Stomach Cramps

 1. Rest
The first thing you should do if you suddenly experience abdominal cramps is to rest because usually when we move around will make us more sick stomach. So, if you experience stomach cramps while exercising or because of something else then the first step you should do to overcome this problem is the rest.
2. White Water Consumption
After taking a break then try to consume water that pain in your stomach slightly reduced. The white water can help reduce levels of gastric acid in the body so it is very nice and helpful enough to solve this problem abdominal cramps
3. Using Hot Water Bottles
Then when the second way has not managed to ease the pain of these stomach cramps then you can use a warm water bottle that is how easy it is simply to enter lukewarm water into a plastic bottle and then paste it on your stomach sick. This method is believed to help relieve the pain arising from stomach cramps at the same time relax the muscles toned.
4. Wedang Ginger
Ginger also can rely on to solve the problem at the same abdominal cramps can ease pain. How to make it his own is simply to heat the water to a boil first and then after that the input ginger, lemongrass, pandan leaf and a pinch of salt and wait until the typical smell of ginger. Then strain the ginger and input into the glass.
5. Consumption of Drugs
If the above method does not work to relieve pain due to abdominal cramps is then immediately taking the drug acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Otherwise also shows the reaction then please immediately see a doctor because who knows there is a serious disease in your body.
That is the way to overcome stomach cramps naturally you can do at home. Usually abdominal cramps can come suddenly and also disappear by itself, but note if abdominal cramps do not go away for days then immediately see a doctor in order to be given the appropriate treatment. A little extra, how to prevent stomach cramps which is actually very easy to make sure you always keep your diet and avoid excessive stress.

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