Best Antivirus Applications For Windows

Anti-virus is a useful software to protect your computer / laptop from viruses or malware, most of the anti virus may work to detect the virus file and then delete or block command existing program on the virus, most anti-virus will work by detecting the file size between 18 kb – 20 kb and detect it as a virus.

Actually, anti-virus application is not an application that is fully working to eliminate the viruses in your computer ya though so just to minimize the possibility of us also need to install anti-virus applications on the computer window s us.

Many one-way dissemination of the virus one of the most common is through the medium of the hard drive to hard drive example, our habits plug the flash drive into any computer and then after it was reconnected to the computer, this is an action that is wrong, the virus would be easy to infect computers you without you knowing. Especially if you do not install anti-virus, so get ready for it if your files will be destroyed by the virus.

Best Antivirus for Windows

So how good way to avoid the spread of the virus ? The first do not try bold mencolokan flash disk or hard drive to public computers that are not equipped with anti-virus, well this is usually common in the cafe ” internet cafes “, or the computer lab at school.

Then the two try to mount / install the best anti-virus application on your laptop or computer as a preventative block if terdektesi virus on flash disk connected to your computer.

List of Best Antivirus For All Versions of Windows

Currently, many anti-virus applications for Windows , but some may not be too sensitive to detect the virus and its use is somewhat confusing, well here I will review some of the best antivirus applications for wondows 2015 , please refer to well either.

# 1. MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials)

Anti-virus applications this one coming and developed directly by Microsoft, actually applications MSE is devoted to the version of Windows 7 down which incidentally do not have anti-virus terinclude in it, in contrast to Windows 8 that already have anti-virus Windows Defender as a protection against viruses and malware.

Microsoft Security Essentials provides protection against spyware and malware is more complete for your PC. Malware consists of viruses, spyware, and software may be more desirable.

Some excellent features of Microsoft Security Essentials:

  • Real-time protection against spyware, viruses, rootkits, and other malicious software
  • Online scanning systems and cleaning
  • Service dynamic signatures
  • Offline scanning and cleaning system
  • Increasing protection against rootkits and bootkits

Well is very complete once yes, in addition to superior design features UI (user interface) is also very easy to use for beginners, and her nice again you can download the best antivirus   for free directly on the official website microsoft.

#2. AVG Antivirus Internet Security

AVG ¬† free antivirus ¬†premium features, maybe this can I describe the anti-virus application on this one. Because it is free and has advantages such as anti-virus’s premium anti-virus applications today have a lot of use.

But this time AVG has launched a paid antivirus which certainly has more features compared to the free version of AVG application with an.

In the premium version of AVG has the ability to protect your computer in realtime while offline or online. Want to try it out just download AVG Antivirus free or paid on its official website yes.

# 3. BitDefender Anti-Virus Plus

Aanti best virus for windows to two is Bitdefender, Bitdefender have the sensitivity to detect the virus that is very good, when it detects a virus directly and then sends it to quarantine to move a block, Antivirus can also protect your computer while they are surfing on the Internet, and can scan for viruses on the files you download. Antivirus can also protect you from hackers who infiltrated over the network to your computer.

But in addition to excellent performance Bitdefender detected a virus has the disadvantage of very heavy when in use, well for those who have a low spec pc not in ajurkan to use Bitdefender’s antivirus. Bitdefender is available only for the paid version.

# Fourth ESET NOD32

ESET NOD32 Lightweight and easy to use, as it is possible to be asking yourself after using anti-virus applications. With comprehensive features and light when in use ESET antivirus application into pretty much in use for PC-class home and in the enterprise.

This anti-virus application can be the best choice for those who have a low spec PC and do not like complicated. This application must also have had a standard feature anti-virus, computer protection realtime protection when browsing on the internet.

#5. Kaspersky Antivirus Internet Security

Just like its competitors Kaspersky also has tools and features that are quite good, Kaspersky is also a well-known anti-virus applications and many pliers once in use, UI interface is convenient in use also the advantages of the anti-virus application on this one.

Kaspersky unfortunately available for paid editions, but do not worry you can try the trial version, which you can use slama 30 days, and of course also the excellent features you will not find in the trial version yes.

Standard features such as protection when browsing and realtime computer protection has also been in the anti-virus application. to want to try to buy or download a trial version just visit his official website.

#6. Avast! Antivirus Premier

Application of this one has the advantage “engine heuristics” feature that can detect viruses and malware that were previously unknown to the other anti-virus, now for those of you who have never completely install anti-virus anti virus avast I highly recommend for the first steps and care to maintain computer from virus attacks and malware.

Avast is also available in the free edition of an / Free Antivirus support for Windows 7, 8, Vista, and XP. The standard features that are included in this application is that it can protect your computer when browsing the internet.

In addition Avast! also provides a utility to perform various activities safely, such as the Sandbox mode which can make your computer as a place of online transactions without worrying about hackers infiltrate and take your password.

#7. Norton Antivirus Security

The advantages of anti-virus Norton is located on your computer’s protection when we are connected to the Internet, anti-virus applications can protect your computer in real time while being connected to the Internet.

This application is perfect for those of you who have a personal server PC at home, as a measure to protect from attacks by hackers trying to attack your server pc.

# 8. AVIRA Antivirus

Anti-virus for Windows that berlogokan red umbrella is from the past until now very popular and many once used on home PCs and laptops in various worlds. Anti-virus applications this one is fairly powerful at the same time clearing the virus files that have been infected by a virus on your computer and laptop, but it’s a lot of advantages that are not too comfortable for his actions automatically direct delete infected files without a fix.

Do not be surprised if your files suddenly disappear, there is a possibility may have been deleted by anti-virus Avira’s, recently One AVIRA product named AVIRA Ultimate Protection Suite has been circulating in the software market and based on testimonies of its antivirus is very powerful and very protective of your computer. AVIRA has two editions editions free and paid editions.

Well that’s 8 antivirus famous and best for your windows computer, the advice of my not too much to install anti-virus applications on one computer, I understand may be what you make it more secure if installing lots of anti-virus, but that assumption is not correct, install the antivirus app 1 or more would be the same effect, and instead is likely to burden the performance of your computer. nah it is sufficient to install only one application best anti virus for windows according to the specifications of your computer to better use.

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