Ball Pool, Challenge your friend to Play Billiards In Smartphone

You certainly no stranger to the game of snooker alias billiards, a game played in a large table with 6 holes in each corner and in the middle of the long side of the table, you’ve never played pool? Maybe you included in the class of people who lose money, because billiards game is very exciting. If you are afraid wallet thinned to the place playing pool, game 8 Ball Pool This is the solution.

8 Ball Pool, Challenge your friend to Play Billiards In Smartphone

Game 8 Ball Pool is a game of billiards that is in demand by the audience of sports games in the world. Already more than 2 million android users who install this game. Game output from is an online game that you can play wherever you get internet connection, 3G was minimal.

The most exciting of the game 8 Ball Pool is we can compete with everyone around the world. This game is created as an online game that will play the game one on one with an opponent who scrambled. If you are still awkward to play pool, do not worry just yet because in this game there is room exercises to practice your skills playing billiards.

If you already started proficient, then you get into the game one on one or in the tournament 8 knockout to win trophies and exclusive billiards club. You are also required to collect Kion as much of every game, because in every game you play there will be a coin, which you must bet. The coins that you could use to enter the next game with a higher rank or you can use of to buy new items in stores billiards.

Play against a friend Facebook

Guests are sure you like the game 8 Ball Pool This is a challenging features of facebook friends who are both playing this game. You just go into your Facebook account and then challenge them to show who the best pool player with the Traffic, anytime and anywhere you want. But remember, do not just challenge your friends online for this game of course you have to really make sure no internet signal around you.

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